Important Things

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Design Philosophy

At Irises Web, we believe your web site should reflect your individual personality or business... be visually appealing, easy to navigate AND specifically - easy on your budget. It should stay up to date and current.

We believe in the "KISS" principal - "Keep it simple smarty"! Too many sites have too many flashing or annoying graphics that take your visitor's eye and mind away from what you're trying to convey.

  • Navigation... should be easy for your visitor. Whether text links or buttons, if your visitor can't find their way around quickly, they'll simply click elsewhere.

  • Graphics... we will design you a logo - or use an existing one if you have one you like. We will provide some stock graphics, however, it's easy to overdo it with large graphics that take a long time to load.

  • Reasonably priced.... we believe we can give you value for your dollar, and we will assist you in keeping your costs down without sacrificing quality web design.

  • Marketing... Without people being able to find you - your site may not be accomplishing what you want. Part of our service includes initial submission to Google and Bing search engines - AND showing you how to effectively market your own site.

  • Site Maintenance... We believe a site should stay current and fluid - particularly a business site. We maintain the site for you for a small monthly fee.

We are committed to making the process of getting your web site up and running an easy and enjoyable experience. Contact us today.